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Coder Required for Psychoballs

A few months ago Intermediaware released a highly addictive puzzle game called Psychoballs for the PC. The developers behind the project now want the game to come to Amiga platform but require the help of coder to do the conversion.

In Psychoballs your mission is to move and sort different coloured balls through complex pipe-systems. Find the right strategy for each problem - but just a little mistake can cause your plan to fail and everything becomes very hectic. This clone of the classic Amiga game Logical features over fifty levels to complete and is priced at 19.50 Euros.

Reaction to this development on the new sites and mailing lists has been swift. Tony Gore on Amiga World stated, “I just downloaded the PC demo and it definitely is an old school Amiga type game, and well done. I love puzzlers like that, and for $19.00 I would buy it”. Gamer Manou Billa said, “I hope this game will come out. At first I thought of Marble Madness which I liked very much”.

The developers have indicated that they would help the coder with the project such as providing the source, graphics and SFX/ Musicfiles.

Any coder interested in this project should contact Intermediaware at:-


Visit their web site at:-

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