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Pagestream 4.1 Ready for AmigaOne

Grasshopper have announced that Pagestream 4.1, a fully-featured desktop publishing program is ready to be released for the new Amiga platform. Marna Holt, owner of Grasshopper commended Deron Kazmaier, the creator of PageStream, stating, “Deron has burned the midnight oil on his old love, the Amiga, creating the foundation for the next generation of PageStream on the Amiga”.

Grasshopper also launched a time limited discount for those who are moving up to the AmigaOS 4 PPC version from PageStream for the Classic Amiga and likewise they are including the Amiga Classic version to those who purchase the PPC version before it is publicly released. This special offer will expire upon the public release of Amiga OS 4, and will then revert to the same pricing already in place for the other platforms.

Amiga users have welcomed the news that a version of Pagestream is ready for AmigaOne. On Amiga World, Chris Payne simply stated, “this is great news”, while Paul said that, “Pagestream can be regarded as a killer app”. French Amiga user, Jean-François was full of praise for Pagestream making the comment, “I don't have enough words to recommend that Software to publishing professionals and others”.

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