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Project Crashsite

According to the developers, “Project Crashsite will definitely be the role-playing game event for your Amiga!” Amiga PowerPC Gamers are especially in for a treat as the developers behind Project Crashsite are planning to release a PPC version of the game before the Classic version makes its debut.
The story behind Project Crashsite is as follows; the player steps into action, as a member of the Future Security Corps, the internal police of Future II. Using a team of up to 6 characters you have to keep up the law in Future II. A difficult task, which gets even worse as a meteor impacts on one of the planets and an eye-witness gets killed right before the very eyes of the Future Security Corps. Investigations quickly reveal, that this is not the only victim...

Project Crashsite will feature rendered 3D graphics in up to 16 bit, plenty of animations, good music with 16 bit and 8 channels, an interactive plot as well as in English and German language versions.

The higher spec version of Project Crashsite will require a PPC Board, graphics card with Cybergraphics, a fast CD-ROM drive, and at least 32MB of Fast Ram.

You can e-mail your support or questions to Markus Pohlmann, a member of the development team at:-


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