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Hyperion's Christmas Day Announcement

On Christmas Day, Hyperion Entertainment officially announced that development of AmigaOS 4 had progressed to the point that a comprehensive Developer Pre-release can be made available to AmigaOne owners. Hyperion outlined that AmigaOne owners will receive a copy of the Developer Pre-release shortly after the New Year.

Developers are likely to benefit the most from this pre-release, as developer material will be included. According to Hyperion, there will be an initial version of the AmigaOS 4.0 Software Developers Kit as well as native OS 4.0 compilers (GCC 2.95.3, GCC 3.4 and VBCC) and cross-compilers for various platforms (Linux x86/PCC, Mac OS X etc.).

AmigaOne owners will have to upgrade their firmware, as the Developer Pre-release requires the most update version. The latest version namely U-Boot 1.0, is currently undergoing final tests before it will be made available. Further details will be announced shortly.

Reaction to this breaking news has been swift as AmigaOne users celebrate not just Christmas but news that they will soon receive the Developer Pre-release. One eager user called Mostafa said, “I can't wait to get my hands on that CD”, while another AmigaOne owner fed up with using Linux simply stated, “Linux, your days on my machine are numbered!” Remco Komduur, a software developer made the comment on Amiga World, “I have been waiting a long time for this. Now I can finally start making use of my AmigaOne and start programming for it”.

Hyperion thanked Amiga users for their support and patience, making it clear that staying by the AmigaOS was well worth it. The Hyperion team stated, “Make no mistake: your patience will finally be rewarded with the fastest and most powerful incarnation of AmigaOS ever”.

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