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Pre-Order Kabuki Dash Zero

Digital Visionaries Entertainment are now accepting Pre-orders for Kabuki Dash Zero, a 2D puzzle game.

Kabuki Dash Zero incorporates arcade action, fighting game elements, and Tetris-like play mechanics into one game. This game will be a treat for all ages according to Michael Pittaro of Digital Visionaries. Kabuki Dash Zero will sport four modes to play; Arcade puts your character up against the computer, in VS mode you can go up against a friend, and Tournament mode can have up to four players.

Kabuki Dash Zero will require 4MB Fast Ram, a hard drive and is CD-Rom only. It is priced at $29.99 US dollars.

To pre-order your copy of Kabuki Dash Zero, e-mail Digital Visionaries Entertainment at:-


Visit their web site at :-

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