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AmigaOS 4 Pre-release Arrives

Amiga users are waking up across Europe to find that their copy of the AmigaOS 4 Pre-release has finally been delivered. Sascha Pfalz who lives in Berlin was one of the first people to proudly announce that he had received his copy, stating on Amiga World, “now the Future really starts”.

Another happy user, Alex Klauke revealed that he was now surfing the Internet using IBrowse, which was running on AmigaOS 4. According to Alex, “the installation went absolutely painless, even updating Uboot from 0.1/May 2003”.

With the arrival of the AmigaOS 4 Pre-release the community will enter into a new phase, with Hyperion intensifying their efforts to finish the project, and developers using the pre-release to develop their own projects for the new Amiga platform.

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