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PowerBall Demo

Darkage Software's latest game is Powerball, a puzzle game, with a demo now available.

Powerball is a simple puzzle game where the player must clean each screen from all the coloured bricks. This is possible by using a ball that bounces up and down in the screen and can be controlled by the player who can move it left or right. The game features a staggering 80 levels in 8 worlds including a level editor to add your own levels.

Powerball will run on all Amigas, come on floppy disk and will be hard drive installable. A demo is available for download below with Powerball expected to be released in March by Epic Marketing.

If you're interested in Powerball and want to know more about it, then e-mail Paolo D'Urso of Darkage Software at:-


Visit their web site at :-/

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