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Postal For The Amiga?

Delsyd Software is attempting to persuade developers Running With Scissors to allow them to convert Postal to the Amiga and Linux. Delsyd Software are currently assessing the possible support for such a game on the Amiga platform, asking readers to send an e-mail to the address found at the bottom of this article.

Postal is clearly an adult only game due to the extremely violent nature of the game. In the game you play a maniac in a trench-coat killing everyone that you come across using weapons from machine guns to rockets and much more. It truly is one of the most bloody violent games that I have ever seen with those injured critically during the gun fights screaming for help and no wonder it caused just great controversy when it was first released for the pc.

If you're interested in Postal and want to see an Amiga version, then e-mail Vince at GoPostal at:-


Visit their web site at :-

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