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Recent Porting Activity

A flurry of activity from a small number of developers has recently kept Amiga gamers and enthusiasts occupied with a steady stream of releases. In recognition of their achievements, Amiga Flame accords these authors a worthy mention.

A developer who has been prolific in his porting activity over the past few months is nicknamed SpotUp. He has ported games like Robbo, a remake of an old Atari XL game, Minesweeper 2, a clone of MS Minesweeper, and Martian Memory a simple memory game for young kids. Most of these ports were complied for AmigaOS 4 gamers.

Amigan Software has been porting software to the Amiga platform for nearly ten years with numerous titles available. There are ports of Africa, a conversion of the 1977 3W board game, Saga, a 1981 TSR board game, and Koules 1.4, a popular arcade game originally released for Linux and OS/2. One contributor, Alexandre Balaban recently ported AmiArcadia to AmigaOS 4 which is an emulator for Signetics-based machines.

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