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POKEMON Needs Your Help

Pokemon is coming to the Amiga, with Crystal Interactive Software obtaining a Licence to produce an Amiga game based on the Pokemon characters created by Nintendo.

However, Andrew Reed of Crystal Interactive Software has said that although they have a team of talented programmers, artists and musicians signed to develop the pc version, they don't have an Amiga team yet. Crystal Interactive Software is therefore looking for programmers, artists and musicians to work on the Amiga development, with this a great opportunity for those people who have the necessary skills.

At this stage they do not know what style of gameplay the game will take, but they are looking for people with the ability to programme in C++ and also knowledge of 3D engines and Power PC. 2D and 3D artists preferably with a liking and ability to draw to Anime style Pokemon characters. The music needs to be in similar style to the Pokemon series.

If you're interested in the above positions, then e-mail Andrew Reed of Crystal Interactive Software at:-


Visit their web site at :-

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