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Amiga DE Player and Amiga PDA Games Released

Amiga Inc has released the Amiga DE Player, providing users with an opportunity to try out Amiga DE applications in particular some of the PDA games, which have been produced by Amiga developers such as Titan Computers and Epic Interactive.

The Amiga DE Player is built on top of the Tao intent multi-media engine and is available for either Windows and Linux, purchasing the one you prefer to use. Several applications and games are included with the player, although you can always purchase some of the PDA titles available from the Amiga DE shop Batty, BoXiKoN, Convex, Linea, and Solitaire, which are all priced at $9.95 US dollars each.

For a full review of the Amiga PDA titles released, pick up a copy of the latest issue of Amiga Active.

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