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Latest Amiga DE Releases: Piles O' Tiles and Boing'Em!

There are two new Amiga DE releases this week with the arrival of Piles'o'Tiles and Boing'Em!, which are both available from the Amiga DE shop.

Matay, a Polish company, which normally develops serious software for the Amiga, have produced their first Amiga DE game, Boing'Em! In this title, gamers use the boing ball to eat the pellets avoiding various adversaries.

Piles'o'Tiles was originally a shareware title developed by Paul Burkey in 1996, but with the help of Andy Kellett this game has been re-worked for Amiga DE. Piles'o'Tiles is loosely based Classic Solitaire game, Mahjong, combining rich graphics and addictive game play. The objective is to remove all the tiles from the board by finding matching tiles. The game offers multiple boards in easy, medium and hard categories. Piles'o'Tiles has in just over week become this week's Number 1 selling title at the Amiga DE Shop.

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