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First Pictures of Amiga One

Eyetech the makers of the next generation of Amiga hardware have released the first pictures of what the Amiga One may look like if you decide to purchase the 'showcase' tower. These pictures are not photographic pictures as they are concerned about unauthorised copying and would like to hold back such pictures until the official launch of the Amiga One.

Alan Redhouse CEO of Eyetech stressed to users the historical significance of the development of Amiga One pointing out that it is the first new Amiga System to be designed for nearly a decade. The Amiga One will provide users according to Alan Redhouse, “an upgrade and transition path from the Classic Amiga hardware and OS, the Amiga One and OS4 will provide the sort of levels of performance only previously dreamed about by Amiga users. So as well as impressing existing Amiga users we also expect the Amiga One to produce some real head-turning and jaw-dropping amongst the Windows-using fraternity”.

The design of Amiga One was produced in co-operation with French industrial designers Naya Design. It is made from a machined aluminium chassis and backplate together with gold tinted (to meet EMC compliance) plexiglass sides and top. One of the most interesting features is a near-silent PSU, so Amiga users can once more enjoy peace and quiet when using their new Amiga's creatively.

Reactions to the design pictures of Amiga One have been mixed. One Amiga user on Amiga Network News said, “I have to say that that is the worst looking tower I have ever seen. It's absolutely rubbish” while another user James Hamilton stated, “Even the Walker had greater appeal than this hideous monstrosity”. Other users and indeed developers expressed a very different opinion. Ben Yoris of Hyperion Entertainment believes it is “one of the best piece of industrial design I've seen” with Kelly Samuel, author of Aqua making the comment, “I think this case design looks great. Very nice indeed”.

The most favourable comments have come from Paul McCord who gave his own mini-review; “The feature list looks impressive, what with silent fans and gold impregnated plexiglass, along with some of the lateral thinking that has gone into the design. I'm also pleased to see a prominent Boing-Ball too. I like the idea of being able to use any case that you like, but the flagship model should not use an off the shelf case. The design language is showing a certain amount of self-confidence and uniqueness that compliments the Amiga way of doing things. I for one, do not try to apologise for using an Amiga and the fact that the design advertises it's brand prominently bodes well I feel”.

Some of the more constructive criticisms made by users of the design have been addressed by Alan Redhouse on the Amigart news site. One of the main criticisms was the fact that the drive bays are the bottom of the tower rather than at the top. Users felt that this was an inconvenient position in terms of getting access to it, if the tower was sitting on the floor. However, Alan Redhouse firmly indicated, “you don't put a tower like that under the desk - you show it off (provided you like it - and don't buy it otherwise) on top of the desk - which is why the drive bays are at the bottom for easy access”.

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