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Pianeta Amiga and AmiWest Coming Soon

Two upcoming Amiga events are set to attract the attention of users and developers with new products expected to be on show.

Interest in Pianeta Amiga is already growing as Acube Systems have announced that they will unveil Sam440ep, new PowerPC hardware that will serve as a platform for a number of Operating Systems. According to their press release, visitors will have an opportunity “to touch, test, and buy this incredible PowerPC motherboard”. Although it is not yet known whether AmigaOS 4 will make its debut on the platform, the Crux PPC Team will have their own stand at which they intend to demonstrate GNU Linux running on Sam440ep.

The tenth AmiWest event has been given the go-ahead despite the low attendance of last years' event. To encourage users to attend the sponsors have covered certain expenses and so there will be no admission charge. The organisers are also expected to announce their guest speaker for the banquet and a host of vendors soon, with a few surprises kept in store for visitors.

If you have an opportunity to attend these exciting events then make sure you take it: Pianeta Amiga will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of September in Empoli, Italy, while AmiWest on the 20th of October in Sacramento, USA.

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