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Phonolith - A New Software Instrument

Phonolith is a software instrument that plays sampled waveforms on Horny and other CAMD based sequencers, or just a connected MIDI keyboard. In order to tempt users to purchase the full version, Inutilis Software have released a lite version and a simple techno/trance track to demonstrate the sound quality of Phonolith.

Phonolith has a mixer unit with volume controls and peak meters, 16 different instruments at once, and unlimited number of samples for each instrument for key and velocity ranges. Further features are planned such as down-mixing to AIFF file, WAVE sample support, and panning controls for the mixer unit.

If you like Phonolith then consider buying a key file for 19 Euros, which will enable additional features. Users should also examine Horny a midi sequencer that is also available from Inutilis Software.

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