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Payback Fan CD

Alinea Computer has released a special CD for Payback fans which includes 22 unpublished maps.

Payback, a 3D gangster warfare simulator in the vein of Grand Theft Auto, was voted the best Amiga game of 2001. After playing the demo one gamer said, “The way I killed the rival gang set-up in the square was by throwing in a nice grenade then flaming the survivors. Heehee! Damn I am looking forwards to the full version 80)”. The game remains a favourite among Amiga gamers and has even been released on other platforms.

The fan CD which has the support of James Daniels the author of Payback, features 12 background pictures, 16 patterns as well as skins for AmigaAmp, and you can use the textures to create new levels. There is also an exclusive interview of James Daniels, all "Amiga Speed" tests, the Amig@lien Payback Website and many reports about Payback.

The Payback Fan CD is delivered on CD and costs just 5,95 Euro.

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