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Personal Digital Assistant Projects

In the next month or so, Amiga Inc are expected to make a number of important announcements but in the meantime Amiga Inc have perhaps hinted as to what might be announced. Amiga Inc posted some news although not on the main web site expressing a desire to seek developers to work on Personal Digital Assistant projects (PDA).

It seems that Amiga Inc or an ally is looking seriously at the PDA market with it stated in the Developers section of the Amiga Inc web site, “There is tremendous potential for distribution of your applications, games and other content for one of the world's largest manufacturers of PDA hardware. The projection is for more than 7 million units to be sold by the end of 2001 and there are already several million units on the market at this time”.

The impression gained from this extraordinary posting is that Amiga Inc and a hardware partner are working together to exploit this growing market, which has been developing over the last number of years. Remember Amiga Inc are working with hardware companies on PDA's, Set Top Boxes, Internet Appliances and desktops, which will probably all use the Amiga Digital Environment. PDA represents a strand of Amiga Inc's overall plan, with it likely that more details will be announced soon.

If you're a developer interested in PDA and the exciting opportunities that it holds then get in contact with Amiga Inc. They have stressed the importance of such contact, as there will be specific requirements as far as style, type of applications, distribution rights and certification of content. According to Amiga Inc this project is for both open source and commercial content providers, so no matter what your choice of development is, you are invited to apply for further details.

E-mail Matt Fontenot, Amiga Inc Manager of Products if you wish to develop PDA applications and games:-


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