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With the festive season approaching, ClickBOOM have decided to make Amiga gamers an offer; order any of their games and you pay absolutely nothing until March 2002. In addition gamers can order as many games as they want.

The games available to order from ClickBOOM include T-Zer0 a shoot'em up, Nightlong an awarding winning adventure game by Trecision, Napalm a real-time strategy game, and lastly Myst a highly acclaimed adventure game, which received 92% in an Amiga Flame review.

In related news, the courtroom battle over Nightlong continues. At the pre-trial Duplium offered to settle the case but their settlement offer did not take into consideration Amiga players with faulty Nightlong CDs. Therefore ClickBOOM had no choice but to turn the offer down and proceed with the court case.

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