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Papyrus for the AmigaOne?

Papyrus Office is an important office solution enabling users to cover more complex tasks like serial letters, printing labels and posters, spreadsheet analysis, powerful DTP-design, and even create databases. This exciting package has been released for a number of platforms and could come to the AmigaOne.

Michael Garlich of Titan Computer announced on Amiga World that they would bring Papyrus to the new Amiga system if sixty users each pre-order a copy. No credit card or bank account will be charged until these terms are fulfilled. When these terms are fulfilled the customer will get the Papyrus classic Amiga version, which will be replaced with the AmigaOS 4 version later.

Although the price for Papyrus is Euro 119 plus shipping, it is believed that this title will fill an important void on the new Amiga platform. Over thirty users have already pre-ordered the title with many convinced that if the AmigaOne is to attract support then office software must be available.

If you have any questions or wish to pre-order Papyrus, then e-mail Michael Garlich of Titan Computer at:-


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