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Pagan Games Require New Staff

Pagan Games are looking for a wide range of people to join their development community as they hope to begin work on a new game project and to resurrect some of their older titles in the new-year.

According to the Pagan team, development of titles for the Amiga market and DE had been on hold due to uncertainties in the marketplace. However, they have recently secured a deal with a new online distribution service which they believe will offer them a good outlet for their products. As a result they need coders and artists to join their existing team.

They require coders with experience in C++ and/or Java for DE and/or Win32 platforms. You will need to show them experience in game development or extensive usage of 2D graphics libraries and manipulation, in your chosen language. Ideally they are looking for a C++ coder, but are flexible on your chosen language. They require artists who can create 2D gui interfaces, layouts, logos etc. Any previous experience of creating anything with a space shoot'em up theme would be ideally suited for this position. They also need the modelling of 3D objects, again in a space theme (ships, planets, objects etc) by the same artist or by a dedicated 3D modeller.

Pagan Games' first project is to begin in January and is expected to take up to 4 months to complete. It is a small PDA/Desktop project not a full-blown game project. According to one unnamed Pagan staff member, “Think of it as pocket elite type game though that's far from the accurate but it will have that "strategic" element but mainly arcade driven style”. As with their previous commercial projects, this is a royalty based project, no one gets paid until the product starts to sell.

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