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Pagestream 5 and Path-Amiga

The creative authors behind Pagestream 5 and Path 1.2 have confirmed that they intend to deliver their programs to the new Amiga system.

Deron Kazmaier had wanted to convert the new version of Pagestream to the AmigaOne a few months earlier but he didn't have access to the new system. Hyperion has come to the rescue as they have provided Deron with a micro AmigaOne and a copy of AmigaOS 4. Development has restarted so this fully featured desktop publishing program will be published later in the year.

Since 2001, Alexander Weber has been working from scratch on a new web browser known as Path-Amiga. Development halted in early 2003 but with the pre-release of AmigaOS 4 becoming available, Alexander began work on a new version of Path. Although, HTML support is still very basic it is likely that this new web browser will mature as development increases.

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