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Pagan Games Progress Report

Pagan Games has produced a progress report reaffirming that they are continuing development of games such as Dafel: Bloodine, Scavengers and Magick. Dafel: Bloodine should be for release in a few months time.

To find out how the development of their games is going, read Pagan Game's Progress Report:-

Hello from Pagan Games!

We've been a bit quite lately as we restructure our business a little to compensate for some new ideas in development and design, but now we're back on target for some exciting game releases that will raise a few eyebrows!

It is inevitable that if you keep working at developing a project that sooner rather than later, a product shall emerge. Pagan has been working extremely hard on our 3 projects, Dafel: Bloodline, Scavengers and Magick, games sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck when you play them! Being a group split up over several continents, development can be rather slow and we appreciate your patience as we develop our ground breaking games.

Established in 1996, the Pagan group began a road to innovative design and gameplay that we still abide by today. Formed by a band of freeware and shareware developers skilled in the creation of game design and utility creation, we pooled all our resources together and began our first commercial project.

With our partner, Epic Marketing, who also share our philosophy, we have a Worldwide distribution deal able to reach the far corners of the world for Amiga and Mac game players alike.


Pagan Games is always on the look out for talented coders, designers, artists and musicians. If you would like to work for a professional company from the comfort of your own home and you feel you are up to our high quality of development, then please don't hesiate to contact us.

Dafel: Bloodline Progress

A few set backs before Christmas threw us off our schedule so we are a little late in brining this classy retro style RPG to you. To help our progress we have hired another in-game level designer. Our engine has been ported to C for extra speed and portability while we wait on level design to be completed.


Our real-time strategic game is progressing nicely. With the addition of our new coder, Henrik Munther, a.k.a., Psycho from scene demo coders Loonies, our realisation for a high-class real-time 3D engine is fast becoming a reality! Magick will bring to the Amiga a type of game yet unheard off with full 3D rendering bringing a deep view aspect to the game play. Our initial alpha engine already allows a player to walk across a 3D landscape, interact with the environment and switch camera views from one player unit to another. Expect a high quality game on a high spec machine, 060 and gfx is a minimum spec with PPC and 3D Chip support planned.


A PPC coder for this project has been found and a demo is currently under development. Our fast paced real-time 3D shooter and RPG is going to blow you away with is PPC accelerated graphics and engrossing story line! As with Magick, the target specifications is for PPC users with any gfx card to fully appreciate the speed and playability of this game.

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