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Payback and Aqua

James Daniels, the author of 3D gangster warfare simulator, Payback has released a number of updates in an effort to correct problems and further enhance the game.

Update 3 in particular offers a substantial enhancement as it has new effects to add to the atmosphere of this action-packed hit game. There are new engine sound effects, a splashing sound has been added for when you walk through a pond, vehicles can now be dented and most exciting, the passengers now scream when you hijack a bus.

Payback gamers have been working on the map editor, making their own maps with a number of them available for the Apex Designs web site. Maps included are Beach City, a map for all those natural born killers who like beaches and weapons while Little Indy, is a Little Indianapolis 500 multi-player level.

Kelly Samel, the author of Aqua, an adventure game released in January by Crystal Interactive Inc has made available an updated demo. This demo adds AHI sound and fixes a screen close bug.

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