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AmigaOS 4 for Upgraded Amiga Systems

Hans-Joerg Frieden of Hyperion Entertainment has confirmed that a classic version of AmigaOS 4 is being worked on in earnest. Users who upgraded their classic Amigas with PowerPC accelerators and graphics cards will eagerly await this version.

On Amiga World, he revealed “Right now, the plan is to release it as soon as possible, *hopefully* within 1Q2007, although it will depend on a few factors naturally”. The problem for the developers is connected with the drivers for a range of devices and the memory management system. However, with the release of AmigaOS 4 it would appear that they are spending a great deal of time resolving these issues.

Once again Hans-Joerg Frieden praised the development team as he told classic users; “I would like to point out that what made AmigaOS 4 possible is the relentless working of an excellent group of people that worked their backsides off to develop, test, and translate the product and a management that has raised literally hundred of thousands of Euros to fund it”.

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