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Status of AmigaOS 4

Hyperion Entertainment have revealed new details regarding the status of AmigaOS 4 on the Amiga World forums.

According to Thomas Frieden, they are now working on “one of the most hardware dependant pieces”, namely graphics.library. They are doing a minimal version that is only big enough to be patched over by Picasso96 later on. With this work out of the way by September it will have serious consequences, for Thomas Frieden stated, “the absence of a fully implemented graphics.library is currently the only thing preventing us from booting”.

Significantly, project manager Ben Hermans also spoke about the end-result that users can expect from AmigaOS 4. He stated frankly, that it will “be a hell of a lot more feature-rich than we originally planned” and it “will be the biggest OS upgrade ever in the AmigaOS history”.

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