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Amiga OS 4.0 Contract Signed

EyeTech revealed earlier in the week that the delivery of OS 4.0 was behind due to the economic problems experienced in the technology sector and the fact that Amiga Inc's priorities were and still are on the Amiga DE. As a result the release of the AmigaOne system will be delayed to the new-year. However, Amiga Inc, EyeTech, Hyperion Entertainment, Haage & Partner and other parties signed a deal, which represents a practical resolution to the development of OS 4.0.

This deal, which was signed at the World of Amiga SE Show, gives EyeTech, Hyperion, Haage & Partner and others the right to develop OS 4.0. Fleecy Moss, CTO of Amiga Inc explained that “Amiga is in control of OS 4.0 - we have merely outsourced the project management”. This will allow the development of OS 4.0 to be intensified over the coming months and according to Hyperion Entertainment more features will be added. Manager Director of EyeTech, Alan M Redhouse emphasized, “the last major hurdle to the Next Generation Amiga has been overcome. All parties are now working flat out once more to ensure that OS4.0 and the AmigaOne can now be launched in tandem early in the New Year”.

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