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Origyn Web Browser for AmigaOS 4

Andrea Palmatè of Amiga Soft has delivered an incredible Christmas present to the Amiga community in the form of a Web Browser for AmigaOS 4. Although the project is incomplete, the Origyn Web Browser has been warmly received by Amiga users.

The Origyn Web Browser is a positive development for AmigaOS 4 users as its modern features should give them access to many websites. One user on Amiga World, compared the browser with Internet explorer and pointed out that “OWB is more easy to read and relaxing for eyes. Especially the anti-alias fonts and layout is far better”. However, other users have noted that some features will need to be added if the full potential of the browser is to be realised. James Carroll from New Zealand said “it's just good to have something modern here. Yes it's lacking, yes most of us are going to use IBrowse2.4 as our main browsers for now, but it's working, and is a step in the right direction”.

Since the release of the Origyn Web Browser, many users have responded by donating small sums of money to Amiga Soft. Hopefully their work will continue and further updates will become available in 2008.

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