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OnEscapee Available from AmigaSYS

OnEscapee, a Another World/ Flashback like action-adventure, which was originally released in 1997, is now freely available to download from AmigaSYS.

Awarded with Amiga Flame's Star of Excellence and Best Game of 1997, this high quality adventure title from Invictus Team delivers a compelling story and challenging gameplay. It's a game in which you can easily recognise for yourself the intense work they have put into it. Just by running the game you'll think you've entered into a whole new world; the introduction is more like a movie, all you need is the popcorn.

If you want to play OnEscapee through an emulator or a real Amiga computer, then visit AmigaSYS. The website also offers a collection of free/shareware programs which can be installed with the original AmigaOS disks and will turn your system into a complete pre-configured AmigaOS system.

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