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OctaMED Sound Studio and MediaPoint for the AmigaOne

It would seem that there is now a strong possibility that OctaMED Sound Studio 2 and MediaPoint will make their way to the AmigaOne.

OctaMED has been described by Amiga University, as “probably one of the most versatile and powerful music composition/sequencing programs on ANY platform”. The author of the new version, Gerd Frank had revealed a few months ago that all of his attention would be directed to developing the title for another platform, but it would seem that this is no longer the case. It has been officially confirmed that Gerd Frank has switched his attention to producing a version of OctaMED Sound Studio 2 for the AmigaOne.

There are also high hopes that MediaPoint, described as state-of-the-art in interactive presentation software might make its debut on the AmigaOne. Dutch Amiga dealer, Computer City announced in an open letter to the Amiga community that the source code to the project would be made publicly available in an effort further develop the title. There is speculation that if the source code does become available then this highly sought after title will be brought to the Amiga platform.

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