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Operation Counterstrike

In the late 1990s a small team of developers began work on a Command & Conquer style game called Operation Counterstrike. The team consisted of well known names in Amiga gaming such as Daniel Allsopp, Andre Siegal, Markus Holler and Dave McKie with some help from Paul Burkey, Scott Wilkinson, Morton Bekkelund, and Paul West. The project with its gorgeous graphics generated a lot of interest but then it fell silent.

It has emerged that Daniel Allsopp still has the source code of Operation Counterstrike and so he intends to re-examine the project. On the Amiga World forums, Daniel told gamers, “I'm pretty demotivated with both Epistula and my rebuild of Digital Almanac III at the moment (which happens from time to time) I think I'll see what I can put together for this, from tomorrow”. A great deal of material from the planned first mission has survived such as stories, full musical scores, intro animations, top class sound effects from a BBC sound man, all the buildings, and a full colour 24bit map with ground data layout.

Operation Counterstrike is bound to draw the interest of gamers but it must be remembered that it is an ambitious project.

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