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Amiga Incorporated in the Mainstream Press

Amiga Incorporated has in the last week or so been hitting the headlines with Bill McEwen, President of Amiga Incorporated interviewed in the New York Times and in Gamers Depot, a mainstream gaming site.

This development is a strong signal from Amiga Incorporated that they wish to return the Amiga to the mainstream and unlike other Amiga President's Bill McEwen has no intention of keeping Amiga under the radar. Bill McEwen seems to be sending a rallying call out to companies that Amiga Incorporated will pushing forward some revolutionary products that they should be involved with.

Both the New York Times and Gamers Depot have been positive about the plans of Amiga Incorporated and I would highly suggest that readers check these articles. Amiga Incorporated have certainly made a wise decision to engage with the mainstream press and although the Amiga press may find it harder to gain the attention of Amiga Incorporated, I believe it will have the desired effect of encouraging companies including games firms to work with Amiga Incorporated.

In breaking news, Bill McEwen was interviewed on CNN along with Amiga User, Dick Van Dyke. It was a fantastic television interview and one which you can possibly check out. I have left a link at the bottom of the article. Keep the momentum going Amiga Incorporated.

In related news, Amiga Incorporated wants developers to get in contact with them if they intend to develop for the new Amiga system. If you are planning a game for the new system, you should send information and screenshots (if any are available) to Amiga Incorporated, along with details regarding the company.

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