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New Year Messages

A number of Amiga developers have marked the beginning of 2008 by posting New Year messages to reiterate their commitment to the platform and plans for further products.

Hyperion Entertainment in their New Year message, reminded users that through their continued efforts on AmigaOS 4, there were two significant (free for download) updates and the release of AmigaOS 4.0 for the original Amiga 1200/3000/4000 line of computers equipped with PowerPC accelerator cards. In their opinion, AmigaOS 4, “is now (and has been since quite some time) by far the largest update of AmigaOS in Amiga history dating back to 1987”.

Hyperion also made it clear to the Amiga community that they remain committed to the continued development of AmigaOS 4.x. There are exciting plans to drastically expand both the feature-set of AmigaOS 4.x and the range of supported PowerPC based target hardware. According to their statement, “a number of exciting new features are already undergoing beta-testing with more functionality under development and scheduled for release in 2008”. Classic Amiga users can also expect a free update in early 2008 designed to bring increased compatibility for legacy third-party hardware add-ons and improved driver support.

Elbox revealed in their New Year message that they have received many e-mails from customers inquiring about new hardware products for Classic Amiga systems. In the statement from Elbox they claimed that their “designer team is very busy preparing the new hardware products for Classic Amiga, which will allow us to show the enhanced potential of OS4”. In the meantime from 31 December 2007 to 14 January 2008 all items in their Online Store marked FREE SHIPPING will be delivered without any shipping costs.

Individual Computers' New Year message confirmed that progress on Clone-A has been achieved, and the development of drivers for existing products continues. Jens Schönfeld pointed out that “Clone-A is making extremely good progress, but I have decided to make it a real product, not a hobby-thing like Minimig. It'll be worth the wait and it'll be worth the money”. They are also working on bringing sold-out products back into the shops: Catweasel MK4, Indivision and Kickflash OS4 will experience small changes for the next production runs.

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