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New Version of Cinnamon Writer

The author of Cinnamon Writer, a WYSIWYG writer application for the AmigaOS has presented a progress update and the latest version of Cinnamon Writer is available for download.

Version 0.5 is claimed to be much faster than the previous version and it offers most of the basic and most often used functionality expected from a word processor. It includes basic features such as selectable fonts, font size, text alignment, line space, text color, highlight color, bullets, underline, super/subscript and much more. The documents are saved in RTF format that ensures maximum compatibility with other word processors.

In the progress update, it was also announced that Cinnamon Projects will be launched soon. The purpose of Cinnamon Projects is to speed up the development of Cinnamon Writer by utilizing some the very gifted coders on the Amiga scene. The author explained “I have come to the realization that writing an application like this single handed, is near impossible, I have decided to use a larger part of the donations I have received and hopefully will continue to receive, to fund coders who are interested in contributing to the application”. The prize given upon completion will range from 50-150 euro depending on the scale of the project and of course, the amount of donations he has received.

Users who download Cinnamon Writer should note that the stability of this version has not been throughout tested and the undo/redo feature is currently not available. Therefore save often and save different versions of your document when using the word processor.

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