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News and Reactions from the AmigaOS 4 Tour

This weekend the AmigaOS 4 Tour was held in Germany with the Amiga Club Augsburg and KDH Datentechnik hosting the event. Although no report has been presented details and reactions of visitors to the event have become to emerge.

Martin Merz stated on Amiga World, “I've seen things you people wouldn't believe . . .” revealing that he had played with the system for about ten minutes and “it definitely had an Amiga feeling”. He also stated that the system was running smoothly.

The hosts of the event Amiga Club Augsburg have released the first pictures of the event. Although you should note the website is in German so to get to the pictures click on the headline OS 4 On Tour: Erste Bilder and then choose which picture you would like to see. Pictures include ones of an AmigaOS 4 presentation given by Jürgen Schober of Point Design and some members of the AmigaOS development team. New pictures of the event have been posted by Stefan Hägele on his website and by Walter Gehring.

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