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Nomad Team Officially Reveal NomadGMS

Set up only this year, the Nomad Team specializes in the creation of utilitarian software and programming tools for personal and mobile computing platforms. They aim to produce software that provides “a truly enjoyable experience that gets the job done with minimum effort”. Their first piece of software for the AmigaDE and AmigaOS is the Nomad Game and Multimedia System, a powerful game/ multimedia creation system.

The Nomad Team believe that Nomad will help developers especially those working in the mobile market where problems such overpriced game development kits and the use of low-level APIs for generic purposes remain unresolved. Nomad aims to fill in this gap, as an affordable development system providing both a generic game API for any purpose as well as built-in functions for pre-defined genres like 2D horizontal scrolling shooters or 3D first-person perspective games. It will also allow easy game/multimedia development in C++ for the AmigaOS platform.

The above diagram outlines the general development framework using NomadGMS
Nomad is made up of six main areas; 3D, 2D, Audio, Network, Artificial Intelligence, and Application Framework. Each of these areas covers various elements for example 3D encompasses such elements as 3D model loader, world loader, terrain engine, camera movement / vision, texture handling, lighting, collision detection and world physics. The developer's attention to detail is considerable and certainly provides developers with the best tools possible to create whatever game or application you might want to make. It offers as the Nomad Team state “a one-stop solution for game development”.

Nomad will also benefit developers as it allows games to be developed in the languages that are available on the underlying operating system and has been designed to bring powerful games into resource constrained devices. One of the best highlights is that even first-time developers should be able to produce software with the aid of Nomad as the Nomad API is extremely developer friendly, allowing the implementation of a game vision to be carried out with relative ease.

The developers expect NomadGMS for AmigaDE and AmigaOS to be ready for release in late 2003.

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