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The Amiga Inc-Nokia Partnership

The wait is over for Amiga Inc has revealed in what is a major announcement that Nokia is their Set-Top-Box partner. Nokia is one of the world leaders in mobile communications having become the leading supplier of mobile phones and a leading supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks. Nokia is one of several companies to become involved in the digital set-top box market, which aims to provide people with all-purpose, multimedia home entertainment devices.

Nokia's latest cutting-edge home device is the Media Terminal, an innovative “infotainment” device for the home, which combines digital video broadcast, gaming, streaming and downloadable digital media, full Internet access, and personal video recorder technology. Some of the features offered are truly incredible, for example the built-in Personal Active Disc allows you to store and buffer live broadcast and so in effect you can pause live TV. You can even use the Media Terminal to store photographs taken with a digital camera.

Amiga Inc is set to play an important role in making the Media Terminal a success. The AmigaDE will be pre-loaded on the digital device, with it clear that Amiga Inc is expected to provide content. Bill McEwen, President of Amiga Inc seems to have stated this point when he said, “The deployment of the Amiga on the Nokia Media Terminal will give consumers an array of gaming and entertainment content from a central device attached to their televisions”.

The partnership between Nokia and Amiga Inc is an important step forward for both companies. Amiga Inc and the Amiga developer community will benefit as they provide content to what could be a substantial user-base, with the Media Terminal expected to be available throughout Europe in the summer. This partnership is probably just as important to Nokia as rival companies creating their own products for the digital set-top box market are competing to win over content providers. In May of last year Nokia had come to an agreement with Loki Software to make games for the Media Terminal and later both companies were working together on an initiative to build an open-source platform, being used on the Media Terminal. However, Nokia's efforts were damaged when Loki Software closed down due to poor sales of their Linux titles. This partnership with Amiga Inc marks a significant boost for Nokia in their efforts to ensure that the Media Terminal provides people with the best in entertainment content.

Nokia are expected to make an announcement regarding the partnership in the coming weeks and then following this there will be joint announcement. More details about the nature of their relationship will probably emerge soon, and then will we know the full extent of Amiga Inc's involvement in the Media Terminal.

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