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New Issue of Total Amiga

The staff and readers of Total Amiga will celebrate the delivery of the latest issue which for the first time will have covers printed in colour both outside and inside. This issue is expected to arrive on the 24th of July.

Issue 24 has a number of highlights for readers as it includes the second part of their extensive interview with Dave Haynie, and an interview with Elena Novaretti who provides a fascinating insight into the world of Fractals. In terms of features this issue has plenty to offer; Thomas Frieden examines the new Exec memory system, and Steve Solie's tutorial on the versions of Make included in the OS 4 SDK. There are also reviews of Papyrus Office X, Frying Pan, Broken Sword II, and AmiNetRadio.

Interested Amiga users can pick up a copy of Total Amiga from their local dealer at 4.00 UK pounds. A four-issue subscription costs only 14.00 if you live in the UK or 17.00 if you live in the Europe.

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