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New Interviews

Over the past two weeks a number of user groups and websites have taken the opportunity to interview key figures like Russ Norrby and Stefano Guidetti, who play an important role in the Amiga community. Amiga Arena also interviewed former Amiga user Kevin Picone of Underware Design, who recently released their shoot'em up called Thesius XII.

The North and South Carolina Amiga User Group in an effort to better inform users as to how the dealers who are still around keep staying in the market interviewed Russ Norrby of Mr. Hardware Computers. It was an interesting interview in which Russ Norrby revealed that sales of AmigaOne were OK and stated that, “90% of our customers have ordered full systems”. Asked for his opinion so far on AmigaOne, Russ simply said, “It is a dream come true”.

Recently created Amiga site known as Ikir Sector managed to interview Stefano Guidetti, an AmigaOS 4 Beta-Tester. He listed some of the enhancements offered by the new operating system, namely USB support, truetype/ opentype and postscript fonts, reading and printing of PDF files, better API for programmers, DVD-ROM and CD-Writers support, integrated TCP/IP stack, better device and data recovery tools, and many other small enhancements. Stefano Guidetti stressed, “AmigaOS 4 is a starting point, a solid base to build the future”.

The last interview worth reading was conducted by Amiga Arena who interviewed Kevin Picone of Underware Design. This developer just released a horizontal shoot'em up named Thesius XII, which is similar to games like Silkworm and R-type. This was one of the most interesting interviews as Kevin Picone who left the Amiga platform some years ago expressed a positive view about the chances of success for the new Amiga platform. Kevin Picone said, “While I can only guess how OS4 is going to perform, my gut feeling (my hope) is that there has been so much time and effort invested in this step, it must out shine it's competition. I hope this new step, this new innovation will inspire a whole new generation of Amiga users”.

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