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Hyperion Entertainment Brings 3D Graphics to PDA's

Hyperion Entertainment has revealed that they have finalised an initial version of its “Warp3D” technology, a mature, small foot-print, feature-rich yet very fast 3D solution for Elate/ Amiga DE based devices.

According to Hyperion, “Warp3D allows content-creators to effortlessly deploy 3D graphics on low-end devices such as PDA's, web-tablets and 3G phones and is the product of years of development in response to concrete performance challenges and 3D technology”. In other words Warp3D could lead to the development of some really cool games for low-end gamers. Hyperion emphasized that they want gamers “to enjoy sophisticated 3D content on these devices”, and are working on several PDA oriented games to showcase the Warp3D technology.

Hyperion has stated that the technology will remain in a continuous state of development. One of the planned features is VP-based MiniGL, a minimal OpenGL subset sufficiently complex for Quake2-Engine games. They also made the point that the Warp3D technology will be licensed to interested parties.

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