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New Hardware on Show at Upcoming Amiga Events

Rumours abound that new hardware for AmigaOS 4 will be publicly revealed at Big Bash 4 in the United Kingdom and Pianeta Amiga in Italy.

It has been confirmed by the organisers of Big Bash 4 that Troika intend to put on display Amy'05, a flex-Atx form factor computer based around the PowerPC microprocessor. This low-cost system is aimed at the embedded/ home server market running versions of Linux and the Amiga OS4. Users remain hopeful that Troika and their new piece of kit will be ready for the event.

Interest in this year's Pianeta Amiga show is growing as details emerge that new hardware for AmigaOS 4 will be announced and put on display to visitors. A statement on their website states, “During the show there will be the official presentation of codename "Samantha" project - a new PPC hardware platform”. There is still a great deal of mystery surrounding the project but there have been suggestions that an Italian company are involved.

If you cannot attend the show then Italian users should pick up the new issue of BitPlane, which will answer many questions. Any users who attend this year's show should contact Amiga Flame if they learn more about the new PPC hardware platform.

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