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New Exhibitors Announced for Pianeta Amiga

The organisers behind Pianeta Amiga have announced that a considerable number of exhibitors will be at the 2007 show. portal in cooperation with Lorraine Design will present Games Icon Vol. 1 with 50 icons in dual PNG format for AmigaOS 4, a new modular emulator for OS4 able to emulate Nes 8 bit, Snes 16Bit, Gba, MasterSystem, Megadrive and GameGear, and the new diskmag "The Vague". Gamers should also note that the new library Allegro with some new games for OS4 will be demonstrated.

International exhibitors include, the biggest UK Amiga dealer and distributor and Amiga Future, the major Amiga magazine in Germany and the UK. Those users interested in Amiga Future can take the opportunity to subscribe to the magazine directly at the show. The Phoenix team which have dozens of AmigaOS 4 programmers from all over the world will also be present.

The developer conferences are expected to attract a great deal of interest with Andrea Palmatè talking about AmigaOS4 and the X11 server, and Dario Soccoli provides an Introduction to programming Hollywood 2.5 and a workshop on Making a database front-end with Hollywood 2.5.

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