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New Entries for Retro Amiga Titles

Amiga Flame's effort to locate Amiga games which have been made legally available by their authors has been a success. Nearly five hundred games have been added to the list of Retro Amiga Titles from hit games like Syndicate to the unusual such Big Game Fishing.

Recently a number of Gremlin titles have been located at Gremlin Graphics World which is bound to generate a great deal of excitement among gamers. K240 which is a time consuming strategy game is one of the titles available; based on the idea of building bases on asteroids you have to develop your colonies, build fleets to expand your interests, and even fit an asteroid engine to maneuver your asteroid away from an impact with another. If strategy isn't for you then check out the platform game, Zool or play one of the racing classics such as Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge.

Thanks must go to the webmasters of sites like Gremlin Graphics World which have made an effort to seek the permission of developers to release their games. Without their dedication the Amiga's incredible back catalogue of games would be consigned to the dustbin.

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