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News From Pagan Games

Pagan Games have outlined their plans for the future, which included developing quality titles for AmigaOne, AmigaDE and even the Dreamcast.

Thomas Würgler of Pagan Games revealed that they are working on a massive shoot'em up project for AmigaOne and Dreamcast. This unnamed title has been described has having an unusually interesting storyline, highly polished graphics and lots and lots of action. It is probably going to be similar in style to GigaWing 2 or Ikaruga.

Two titles are also under development for AmigaDE; one called Quingle, a puzzle/ platformer while the other title as yet unnamed is a straight puzzle game. Development of the latter title is progressing quickly and will be out very soon. Pagan Games are also still considering a version of Dafel: Bloodline for the AmigaDE.

Finally, Pagan Games expressed their “gratitude towards Amiga Inc, for providing excellent support, Hyperion for doing such an awesome job on AmigaOS 4 and being generally nice guys, and Eyetech for making the effort to get the AmigaOne out there to the people”.

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