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New Amiga DE Games On Their Way

Various Amiga developers have revealed that they are working on games for Amiga DE compatible PDA's. This year a number of developers are seeking to better last years Amiga DE game, Planet Zed, which continues to be Number 1 on Amiga Inc's sales chart.

Pagan Games, revealed in an interview with GetBoinged that they are working on a PDA game titled Quingle, which they describe as a good old retro with modern design maze/platform game. According to Pagan it'll “beat any other PDA game hands down!” In addition to Quingle, Pagan are also considering whether they should develop a smaller PDA version of yet to be released Dafel: Bloodline, an action based RPG game with strategic elements.

Filip Dab-Mirowski, CEO of Matay in an open letter to customers revealed that following the release of their first Amiga DE game, Boing'em, they are already preparing their next title. Meanwhile, Gabriel Hauber, the author behind Gems, a puzzle game, which has so far reached 8th position in the sales chart has announced that he is now working on a sequel. Gems 2 is said to be progressing slowly and should have a few surprises over the original.

Pat Roberts of Edivision has indicated that the release date of Jackpot!, a electronic casino type game for the Amiga DE has been pushed back to Q1/Q2 2002. This is certainly an Amiga DE title to keep an eye on as it received a great deal of attention from Amiga gamers when revealed exclusive screenshots of the game.

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