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News From Alive Mediasoft

Alive Mediasoft has announced that they are to release Super Taekwondo Master, and Cedric and the Search for the Magic Sceptre soon.

Super Taekwondo Master is a 2D action simulator, similar to that of Mortal Kombat featuring fully digitised characters, superimposed into a computer generated world. There are few other details except to say that fighting skills are all you need, in order to become a Taekwondo Master in this action game.

Cedric and the Search for the Magic Sceptre, is as the title suggests, about Cedric, who has to go through 11 packed levels to get his magic sceptre. In the game you play the title role of our hero Cedric who is a poor apprentice blacksmith working for The King. You are madly in love with the king's daughter - as she is with you - but her father will not permit her marriage to a peasant boy. Then the day comes where you are given the opportunity to gain creditability with your would-be father in law and rescue his magic sceptre, which has been stolen by his archenemy Edi W Le Mac. The game is said to be similar to Shadow of the Beast or Lion Heart, with part of the game also like Monkey Island, played in a traditional point-and-click style.

Super Taekwondo Master should be out in April with Cedric and the Search for the Magic Sceptre out now according to Alive Mediasoft.

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