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More Support Services for AmigaOne Users

It has come to my attention that more support services are available for AmigaOne users. If you have received a copy of the AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release for your AmigaOne system then these websites are important places to visit.

Intuition Base is an important website to visit as it provides essential information you may require to learn about and use an AmigaOne with AmigaOS 4. For instance, Philippe Ferrucci has written review of the pre-release, and helped to provide a comprehensive UBoot guide, which are available to read on the website. If you are experiencing problems installing the pre-release then read the article by Tony Wyatt who has provided a pre-release installation FAQ.

OS4 Depot, maintained by Björn Hagström, is a file depot portal dedicated to hosting AmigaOS 4 software and related resources. Rather than having to trawl through the thousands of files on Aminet looking for new software for AmigaOS 4 you only need to visit OS4 Depot. Several emulators converted to run on the new systems are available to download, along with several utilities and games.

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