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Community Effort To Port Mozilla

Bill Panagouleas, CEO of DiscreetFX has launched a community effort to port Mozilla, an Internet application to the Amiga. The whole package does not necessarily have to be converted simply the browser portion or Firebird.

Disappointed that Mozilla still hasn't been ported Bill Panagouleas has put his money where is mouth is and offered $2,000 US Dollars to the first programmer/ team to convert Mozilla. Companies, user groups, and individuals have rallied in support of the effort contributing various sums ranging from just a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. John H. Rice gave $50, South Wales Amiga User Group contributed $15, while individual Computers put $300 into the pot. As a consequence of the actions of users over 3,000 US dollars has been raised to support the effort.

If you're interested in either financially contributing to the effort or are interested in porting Mozilla then e-mail Bill Panagouleas for more information at:-


Visit their web sites at:-

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