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No Amiga Flame is not going to start telling you all the movie news but it seems that the latest way of promoting your game is by producing a small trailer, usually highlighting the exciting aspects of the game.

ClickBOOM have released a small trailer of Nightlong offering you the gamer the chance to sit back and watch the action you can expect from this adventure game produced by Trecision. Amiga gamers should definitely check these movies out, although I should warn you that download times can be pretty long.

If you wish to order a copy of Nightlong then e-mail ClickBOOM at:-


In unrelated news, the developers of Counterstrike want your help. They intend for their real-time strategy game to have in-game speech, and so now you have the opportunity to have your voice in a game. The parts will require you to record your own voice at a high quality, reading the mission briefings as and when required. Male applicants applying for positions should make sure their voice has broken. They need a male with a Russian accent and can speak English and/ or German, a male with English/ American accent to speak English and a female with an English/ American accent to speak English.

If you want to help the developers of Counterstrike, then e-mail them at:-


Visit their web site at :-/

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