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More AmigaOS 4 Demonstrations

The AmigaOS 4 demonstrations have proven to be a huge success, as Amiga users who have had a difficult year waiting for its release finally see the new operating system with their own eyes. If you have missed one of the events there are still opportunities to see it for yourself, as more events are planned in the run-up to Christmas.

The North Carolina/ South Carolina User Group is hosting an Amiga OS4 demonstration on the 6th of December at Slayton Computers & Electronics in Charlotte. Mr. Hardware Computers in conjunction with New York Amiga Users group will also hold a similar on the 2nd of December in New York. There are also attempts to organize a demonstration in Los Angeles but no further details have been made available.

Spanish Amiga users will also be pleased to learn that the AmigaOS 4 Tour is coming to them, as a show will be held at the Fundación San Valero in Zaragoza on the 13th of December. People in the UK should remember to clear their diary, as the AmigaOS 4 Tour is to take place in Bath on the same date.

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