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Midnight Racing for AmigaOne

Last week Amiga Flame reported that IncaGold and Hyperion Entertainment had entered into a comprehensive license agreement, which will see many of IncaGold's current and future entertainment software titles converted to other platforms including to the Amiga. With Hyperion having confirmed that Midnight Racing will be their first conversion it's time to find out more about this 3D racing game.

168 KPH heading to 180
Midnight Racing offers players the excitement of realistic night driving using a state of the art 3D engine. There are up ten tracks featuring hills, tunnels, fly-overs, and even four-way intersections. In the game itself you can either compete against up to sixteen computer players or alternatively race with your friends in a competitive head to head mode through the night-time traffic.

According to PC Game Review although one reviewer was disappointed with the controls he did state, “Great graphics, decent sound, very good game play”.

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